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Providing personalised care and support has been the mantra of Knysna Lifestyle Estate’s Healthcare Centre for the better part of the last 4 years.

Petra van der Walt, the Healthcare Centre’s Managing Nurse says that “while we run a professional facility, it is important that our patients and residents feel like a part of the family”.

And that’s exactly what the team behind the modern, clean and well-equipped Healthcare Centre have managed to achieve.

“No two people are the same, and we focus on individual attention with every aspect of care from medical needs right through to diet and specialised activities”, adds Petra.
Ongoing training of staff at the centre ensures that all members operate to the highest standards, while maintaining a passion for care and understanding of individual needs.

Petra is assisted by the entire Healthcare team, who’s engaging personalities and delightful bedside manners encourage a sense of well being and create the atmosphere of ‘family’ at the Healthcare Centre.

“We constantly engage with our residents and arrange one-on-one therapy or entertainment sessions, a variety of activities and cater to individual needs and tastes as far as possible, especially when it comes to food”, say the Healthcare team.

As with any care, well-prepared and tasty food forms a vital role. With three meals (and three ‘tea times’) freshly prepared on a daily basis, the emphasis is on enjoyment and health.
The centre’s menu, designed by a qualified dietician, is focused on maintaining good health, muscle strength and bone density all essential for the well-being of the older person. The cooks are experienced and creative and cater to individual tastes as far as possible.
Of course, special dietary requirements, such as allergies, are also noted and strictly adhered to.



Trained Professionals
Our Staff are trained in caring for:

  • Patients recuperating after surgical procedures or undergoing therapy
  • Cancer patients
  • Disabled and weakened elderly
  • Early Dementia patients
  • Bedridden patients

Full services are rendered in the healthcare clinic:

  • 24-Hour full care
  • 3 Meals per day including snacks with tea times
  • Laundry
  • Activity groups

Knysna Lifestyle Estate's comprehensive facilities include a luxury clubhouse featuring a lounge, library and billiard room as well as a communal bar. For the active you will find sports facilities including a gym, heated swimming pool and sauna. Phase 2 of the Clubhouse will include a bowling green, tennis court and restaurant.

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